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About Me

Certified Primal Health Coach | Functional Blood Chemistry Specialist | Plant Toxin Educator

Growing up, I struggled with a sugar addiction and an obsessive cycle of binge eating and over-exercising. In my mid-20’s I went paleo and ditched sugar. Despite the health I obtained from breaking free of my sugar addiction, I had illnesses that couldn’t be explained. Using a primal diet, I was able to completely transform my health. I felt obligated to share my story and help others.

My Christ-centered mission is to both help people feel better and prevent people from suffering unnecessarily from the harsh dogma of the mainstream health industry. Obsessive tracking, weighing, and restrictions are not the interventions that the industry should be promoting.

Instead, I want to promote nutrient density, bioavailability, and a healthy relationship with food. I have helped many learn to nourish themselves, become more mindful of eating without obsessing, and prioritize strength and metabolic health over the number on the scale.

I am an advocate for animal-based eating and evidence-based, root cause healing.

Outside of my work, I am a wife, stepmom, and soon to be mom. I love rucking, walking outside, reading, and time in the kitchen, gym and at church. My passion is serving others through health and fitness, nutrition, empowering women and small businesses, and helping others feel better.

My Mission Statement

I have a deep, unwavering passion for service and to help others improve their quality of life, spark curiosity, and help empower. With a servant’s heart, my mission is to help others break free from what’s holding them back, live fully, and feel their best.


My Approach

Nutrition and wellness coaching with a specialty in robust metabolic health.

Cancer and other chronic diseases are rooted in metabolic health, and 88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy, so I want to help you improve yours. Using a primal approach, we will heal your metabolism so you can feel your best and safeguard your future health.

How I Serve

It is my purpose to be salt and light, and let people know it will be okay. You don’t have to stay in the same spot, and there is hope. I offer:

  • 12 Week Metabolic Health Coaching Program
  • 21 Day Jump Start Program
  • 1:1 Individual Sessions
  • Intermittent Fasting Coaching


How It Works

My signature metabolic coaching program, Go Primal, is a 12 week, highly personalized, holistic health coaching program that gives you 1:1 support to help you achieve your health goals, while working with your busy schedule.

We will work together to meet your goals, and I’ll walk you through next steps when you feel overwhelmed. I’ll give you the tools to boost your energy levels, balance your hormones, and heal your gut.

Transformational, 1:1 Coaching . Coaching Program packages include:

  • Pantry purge
  • Meal prep assistance
  • Grocery shopping/label reading assistance
  • 24/7 support and access to me through coaching app
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • 12 week program delivered through coaching app, accountability
  • Supplement consult



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