Break up with stubborn belly fat, fatigue, and cravings. Gain food freedom and live with energy, confidence, and vibrancy.

Reverse your health issues, burn fat, and start to feel amazing.

My simple ancestral health program helps your body get what it needs to thrive, WITHOUT tons of workouts, time-consuming recipes, or expensive quick-fixes that don’t work long term.

There’s a simpler way to lose weight and feel in control around food.

Are you ready to quit:

  • $Crash dieting, restrictive diets, shameful spirals with food, and counting calories?
  • $Attempts to exercise away your excess body fat?
  • $Feeling controlled by your hunger? (no more hangry attacks!)
  • $Dealing with tummy troubles, digestive issues, and bad skin?
  • $Feeling confused about what is actually healthy?
  • $Thinking what you want to achieve isn't possible (it is!)
  • $Wasting money on programs that don't work?
  • $Trying all the things, without any real solutions?

Hi, I’m Amanda

After struggling for years with disordered eating and severe health problems even when eating “healthy,” I was frustrated with my health outcomes for all the effort I was putting in.

I used to think leafy greens, almond milk smoothies, and lots of other vegetables was the way to obtain optimal health. Unfortunately, they wrecked my metabolic health, causing an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria in my gut.

This led to more stress, my hair falling out, bladder pain, and other health issues. I tried a lot of different diets and ways of eating, but I was finally able to thrive once I settled on the most basic and simplest of principles, which are as old as our ancestors.

Sourcing the highest quality animal foods I could find, and making those the center of my diet, led me to feeling better than I ever have.

I know how frustrating, daunting, and discouraging it can be to waste time navigating what seems like endless health information and still feel completely stuck. There’s a lot of info out there (good and bad), and it can be overwhelming and confusing.

That is exactly why I created my metabolic coaching program.

This program was just what I needed to jumpstart back into a healthy lifestyle after my pregnancy. I love the daily encouragement, and the in-app tasks help keep me on track.


I had my first solid bowel movement in I don’t know how long. It felt like a miracle. I also thought I’d be hungry without all the snacks I’m used to. But I don’t even need them. The primal diet and Amanda’s guidance is working wonders for me.


I loved working with Amanda. She was so informative and helpful. Very down to earth and non-judgmental. Definitely recommend.


I am about 4 weeks into the program. So far it’s been great. I am learning so much about nutrition and exercise. My weight is down and my energy level is up. The app is a helpful way to stay on track. My health coach Amanda W. is encouraging, patient, knowledgeable and kind. I recommend Primal Point Health to anyone who is ready to improve their health.

Amanda S

It’s been 60 days since I started working with her, I feel amazing, my symptoms are basically gone, I GOT MY PERIOD (after 2 years of not having it), my PMS symptoms virtually went away, and I feel comfortable in my new lifestyle.
I have NEVER felt better, and will continue with what I learned about myself, my health, and how I can make healthy changes in my life. This is not a diet program, it’s a life program. I could not recommend Amanda more!!



Go Primal.

YES, it is possible to reclaim your health and wellness through ancestrally-based eating, moving, and living!

Ditch the scale and unhealthy food habits, stop stressing about food and calorie restrictions, and quit worrying about what you’re “supposed to eat.” Learn how to eat and prepare the most nutrient-dense and bioavailable foods, eat like a human, and take back your life.

  • Gain confidence in your body and fit into your clothes
  • Stop obsessing about where the bathroom is
  • Achieve balanced hormones and better skin
  • Attain abundant energy, mental clarity and focus, and better mood
  • Feel healthy inside AND out (no more brain fog, fatigue, gas or cramps)

When it comes to nutrition and overall wellness, a personalized approach is best, especially if you don’t know where to begin. I want to empower you and help you heal your metabolic health and relationship with food, for good.

What’s in it for you?

Diet and lifestyle modifications can seem so complicated, but by using ancestral health perspectives, my approach is simple and flexible. You will be amazed by how you can achieve vibrant health and longevity with a traditional-foods diet and a balanced lifestyle. No calorie restrictions required.

When you commit to health coaching with me, you’ll finally have someone to simplify the steps you need to take for your health goals. I will help you identify your specific obstacles, simply all the nutrition advice out there, and help you find a strategy that fits into your lifestyle. We work together to find a plan that not only works for YOU, but that you actually enjoy, can be consistent with, and is completely sustainable.

Private, 1:1 Coaching that is Christ-Centered

As your private, committed coach, you have access to me 24/7. We do this program together, the right way: We focus on what you want to achieve, form an accountability system, and meet every week to dedicate time to meeting these goals, while also incorporating faith as part of your wellness journey.

The Last Health Program You'll Ever Need

There is so much controversy around what is “healthy eating.” Rather than be overwhelmed by all that is out there or endlessly research the best diets, I help you find what’s right for YOU, because health is completely bio-individual. Your newly developed habits will extend your lifespan with quality years and empower you for a lifetime of health, vibrancy, and energy.

A Worthy Investment

Ready isn’t a feeling, it’s a decision! There is no better investment than your health, and there is no better time than now. Health coaching with me is affordable, fun, and effective! The transformation you envision for yourself is just one step away.

Hop on a 30 minute call to see if my metabolic coaching program is right for you. We will discuss your specific health concerns and goals, and there are no obligations whatsoever.